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Global players expand investment in batteries    21-12-06 15:28
Agricultural sci-tech professionals from BRI countries trained in China’s Anhui    21-12-06 14:37
Hefei among sci-tech leading cities    21-12-03 11:02
China releases development plan for big data industry    21-12-01 08:46
Wind power reaches big green milestone    21-11-30 08:35
China approves first doctoral degree program in quantum science    21-11-29 14:48
Ren Tao —— Dedicated to making cancer a chronic disease    21-11-26 10:36
From garbage to electricity: tour of a power plant in E China's Anhui    21-11-25 08:44
New technologies impress visitors at 2021 World Manufacturing Convention    21-11-24 10:33
China launches new satellite for Earth observation    21-11-23 14:56
Chinese electric cars go global to help reduce carbon emissions    21-11-23 08:28
Infographic: 2021 World Manufacturing Convention    21-11-19 19:42
Yangtze River Delta Integrated Development Forum held in Anhui    21-11-19 10:32
Anhui builds two nat'l manufacturing innovation centers    21-11-10 10:33
China's Mars orbiter enters remote-sensing orbit    21-11-09 15:23
China's Shenzhou-13 taikonauts complete first extravehicular mission    21-11-08 08:43
China to strengthen IPR support in new fields, business forms    21-11-03 08:39
Proportion of days with good air quality hits 84.6% in Anhui    21-11-02 15:46
Anhui ranks 8th in IPR development    21-11-02 09:39
Nobel laureate calls for a globally open science to 'save the world'    21-11-01 08:45
County in E China’s Anhui promotes planting of superior rice varieties    21-10-29 08:36
Action plan set to realize climate goal    21-10-27 08:48
Chinese researchers achieve quantum advantage in two mainstream routes    21-10-27 08:46
Developers promote innovation at AI and speech-technology expo    21-10-26 08:37
Shenzhou-13 astronauts enter Tianzhou-3 cargo craft    21-10-18 08:38
County in E China’s Anhui builds agricultural science parks to vitalize rural areas    21-10-11 15:02
Latest research finding in China reveals 300,000 year old human skull with features of modern man    21-10-11 09:00
Over 800 million 5G connections in China by 2025: GSMA    21-09-28 10:45
China opens Shenzhou-12 return capsule at ceremony    21-09-28 10:42
Nation to soon deploy solar observation satellite    21-09-27 08:25
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